"Hi Doro, I enjoy your work and would like to SUPPORT YOU. How can I do this?" 

Of course you can, every little bit of support is appreciated! :)


Easy way: Buy me a single coffee at Ko-fi.  I LOVE coffee!

If you'd like to support me on a regular basis, you can do this on Patreon. Over there you find behind the scenes-stuff, nice gooddies, a secret blog and nice rewards.

You can always buy my books, for example here on Amazon or directly at my publishers. You also can order them at any bookstore around the corner. Books are great gifts and make everyone happy.

Find my shirts on Threadless. Just some of them, I change the collection every now and then.

"I want to support you but don't have any money."

Don't worry, no problem! There are ways to support anyway :) 

You can share my work and talk about it, so more people know it.

You could feature my work on your blog.

Or you could write me a nice email and tell something funny to cheer me up. 


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