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100 boxes of tiny

For the next 100 days I plan to fill a matchbox with something small. Each will be one-of-a-kind, I'll use materials that surround me and use different techniques. I'll upload all the finished boxes on instagram and try to update this page every other week.

This idea of course is inspired by Lindsay Jean Thomsons "#The100DayProject". Please check it out, maybe you'll even start your own project, too, who knows?!

All the boxes will be for sale once the project is complete. One box is 45€. If you want to buy more than a box, there is a discount. If you fall in love with a certain box, write me an email to and I'll reserve it for you. The boxes that already are taken will be marked with a red dot. Boxes will be send early July then, so please keep in mind that you need a little bit of patience.

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