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Everything I know about napworking. Handsewn pillow and pencil.
A diagram ( I totally did not made up by myself) to prove the point that napworking really improves your creativity. It's drawn on an indexcard, also contains a pencil and an unicorn eraser to make it appear more serious.


It is essential for creative people to find new ideas. In the last few years I noticed that I get a lot of ideas either in the minutes before I fall asleep or when I wake up from a nap. So I did some research, wrapped up a science around this and called it NAPWORKING. It’s a great tool for generating and exploring new ideas. 


Your brain is busy all the time anyway, but it isn’t necessary for your body to be active all the time. You can have a nap or chill and still find new ideas.


This is how it works: You extract thoughts from your brain while your Default Mode Network is activated and later you can transform these thoughts into ideas using lateral thinking. 


If you want to know more about this: invite me and I will tell a lot of things about it and also show great slides with verified and totally made up data. 


Napworking works. Everybody can use it. So, spread the word, lets make this a thing!

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